Here we’d like to give you a short overview about the most common systems for mixture preparations. Manufactures like
Powercommander, Yoshimura EM-Pro, Nemesis and Motec M800 as well as Trijekt, Tuneboy, Rexxer and Rapidbike
are excellent solutions, as long as they are correctly installed.
In our shop we also have the possibility of configuring serial controlling devices like Bosch, Siemens,
Magneti Marelli and many more Due to the immense variety of systems for mixture preparations we’d like you to ask
us for prices of systems not listed in here. In a personal meeting we are able to figure out the perfect system for
you and your purpose.

mapping 1

Mapping for original - ECU
Most brands we can do.
for 249,- €

Mapping for Bazzaz Performance

289,- €


Mapping for Powercommanders (PC3usb and PC 5)

299,- €

Mapping for Rapidbike Module

299,- €
  Rexxer User with Basismap

399,- €
  Individual Mapping for Marelli original ECU

399,- €

Mapping for Yoshimura EM-Pro System 

599,- €

Nemesis ECU Mapping for Nemesis ECU 

699,- €

Motec mapping and configuration