As official partner for motorized vehicles, we are in charge of MoTec for every German-speaking country,
such as Germany, Austria or Switzerland. We are also able to serve other countries with MoTec systems.

Officially appointed by MoTec Australia, we are able to serve you with anything concerning the topic MoTec,
starting off with single components to software expansions to complete solution for racing bikes,
proved and applied by our own racing teams and a lot of teams trusting our work for years.
We can only give you a short overview about the possibilities of a MoTec engine control.
As an extendable, modular system, each MoTec module is especially designed to meet the client’s requests.
The link below shows a short insight into the capability of MoTec systems

InFor inquiries and quotations please send copious information
contact us via telephone (after 5.00 pm, the relevated staff is working at the test bench receive a useful offer.
With an appointment we’ll be able to show you the possibilities of these systems.
In the showroom on this homepage you’ll find some examples of motorbikes modified with MoTec systems.